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Biomes - your website for animal images

This website is born out of admiration for the animal world and the artists who revived it in the books leading to our knowledge on the animals.

The digital techniques of today add to an eventual enhancement of what has been done on paper in the past. Often the paper, one or two centuries old or even older, has faded and/or became yellowish or even dark brown. Modern digital techniques help to revive the colors of images as if they were painted just recently. In some cases, where authors only figured one lateral side of the subject, digital techniques allow to reproduce the entire bilateral animal in a short time and with great precision. It is the case in thousands of insects figured only half in ancient literature.

As this is a homepage for pure pleasure, we add photos of animals we photograph during excursion and family travels.

We use the name given by the original authors in books, mention the authors of the works we used, and we researched often but not always, the modern scientific names of the animals shown.

The authors of this homepage are professional conchologists and spend also much time on the Philippine seas, especially during one decade they owned the boat “Guphil” which was later destroyed on Leyte Island during a storm. Over 25 000 dives, by 5 divers document tens of thousands of marine animals on ““. Our professional conchological homepage has about 18 million visits a year and documents over a million determinated shells:

This homepage contains a limited number of photographs of the collection of butterflies and insects of the authors, acquired about 30 years ago. Also about 1500 photographs of a part of the butterflies and insects, collected by the first author and Mrs. S.P. Tagaro. during a period of 4 years around 2008 in the Philippines and shortly later donated to the University of San Carlos, Cebu, the Philippines, where they are kept with other important insect collections. The 4 years correspond to the permit issued for that purpose by the Philippine DENR, Cebu.

The subjects handled on “biomes” are purely a matter of opportunities and personal interests in the old books handled and animals in general. The home page will extend in size as time goes.

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